Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Calendar

As is MTS custom, we had a calendar contest and we are about to announce the winners. Like last year, I made the TS2 version and will again. Last time I made a longer 20 day SSN calendar. This time, I'll be doing the same, but also adding a version that has pop up notification on the holidays. I've created a few sim holidays in addition to the more traditional ones. I also looked at how TS3 is handling their new SSN EP and they have 4 main holidays - one per season. I'm mirroring it a bit, but with better names I feel. The winter holiday in TS3 is called 'Snowflake Day', wtf right? My version calls it 'Winter's Day'. Leisure day became Nation's Day, Love Day is Lover's Day, and they did well with Spooky Day so that's the same. I also included Llama Fool's Day, Founder's Day, and Winter's Day Eve (when Santa comes) and New Year's Eve (father time and baby new year). I figure the holidays can be in the background and if your sim family observes it then they celebrate, if not, whatever. I've been letting Llama Fool's Day go by without much fanfare, but Lover's Day is now a big engagement and wedding day.

I mentioned in my last post about this that I was working on school mods to match, and somehow I made it so that kids can still go to school in the summer if you direct them to (I've been sending anyone with a C or lower to 'summer school') while no sim can go to school on Winter's Day; it's just not an option. I have no idea how that worked out, but I kinda like it. In my game Winter's Day is celebrated with a tree and lights and cookies for Santa the night before, but it's not Christmas. There is no Christ in my game. This makes it easier for all my sims of whatever background to all celebrate it too. I can have 'jewish' sims celebrate the same Winter's Day with a menorah. I prefer not to drag religion into it, so it can be anything to anyone.

You should see this calendar up in a few days when Heaven announces the winners of the LolSim calendar contest. I will also update last year's calendar to have the new improvements of auto-updating and I'll include holiday versions too.

Edit: And the age and vacation mods are up!

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