Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's up with Phae lately?

So, yeah, my uploads have this downward trend line, my first year I had 100 uploads, second year had 18, third year had 9, and I've only gotten 1 up the past six months since. What happened?!?

Well, a couple things. The first year I was here I was only part time at college, I had WAY more freetime to make stuff, and back then I was still learning and making really simple things. Once I figured out how to default replace stuff it didn't take long for me to replace almost all the outfits that were seriously driving me crazy. My second year I started working on all the cool larger project I had been dreaming about when I was first learning. Larger projects take time. Between all the meshing and texturing (relatively simple process) there is all the coding to do, that takes forever. In addition, I've gotten back to full time at school. That has me so busy I rarely have time to do any sims work in the fall or spring. The summer and winter months I'm away on co-op. Can't do sims stuff at work, but it does leave my evenings open and that's where I've been squeaking stuff in.

Whether or not I have time to work on my projects or not, I am active on MTS pretty much everyday. I still have moderation duties and I answer questions on my boards. I'm not gone, just darn busy.

As I'm back on winter quarter doing a co-op, I've had time to pick my projects back up. I'm almost done with a really great little hacked object, a phone book. Echo has been helping me with it by the boatloads. Nothing cool I've ever done hasn't been at least partly (generally a whole lot) thanks to her.

I've got some more projects in the works right now, but I'm not going to get ahead of myself just yet. I can promise the phone book will make it out before April (when I go back to school) but anything else right now is still up in the air pending how uncooperative things will be. Current projects include window pane recolors and smaller driveways/garages. Here's hoping they turn out as well. The stackable chairs might be making a come-back and there might be something to do with all the strays in the neighborhood, that one I need to think more on.

Anyways, I miss you all! Not having uploads very often means I rarely hear from all of you and I miss it. Drop me a line! And, if anyone has a joint project idea in mind, I'd be interested.