Monday, May 28, 2012

Round Two: Baby!

And the next theme is..... BABY! Officially "And Baby Makes Three (or More)". I need two pages showcasing your family becoming a family. Some interesting ideas for shots include mom being pregnant and belly rubs, actually giving birth (faked to look like a hospital, I don't want to see any of the typical birth animations plz), dad being proud, grandparents looking on, whatevs, make it cute! Here are two hospitals that have birthing suites: sunni's Mercy Hospital and my Apox Hood Hospital. The mini theme for this round (optional to complete) is "Firsts". This should be pictures of baby's first words, first steps, first time sitting up, rolling over, whatever you can think of. Photos can range from this child being an infant up to a toddler. Don't age them up to kids in these spreads.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Round 1: The Wedding

Whew that was close! We just barely got our 10th contestant so we are good to go!

Start planning your weddings! Hire a GOOD wedding photographer. Officially you need at least 2 photos, but you may have up to 6 to put on 2 pages. Be creative with it! Everyone will likely have that nice shot of the first kiss, but what about other wedding traditions, like the cake, throwing the bouquet, best man's toast, the flowergirl and ring boy. The mini theme for this round is their Honeymoon. Take them someplace exciting before kids ruin everything!