Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

Here's another project done and off my list for good. I finally wrapped up the costumes for Echo and my Costume Trunk from two years ago. A lot of fantasy costumes were included, and I finally created what I think are the cutest little baby dragons ever. So much of EA clothing is aged up from what it should be. A bunch of kid clothing would look better on toddlers, and teen clothing should be for kids, and even adult clothing that is teen stuff. It's dumb, but that's what conversion content is for! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Done with Moving

After learning of Mootilda's passing, finishing our joint project became a priority for me. I guess I felt guilty or ashamed that I took it for granted that we'd have more time? As it turned out, she had mostly finished off her part, so I made a few tweaks and added in the interactions she had requested and uploaded it. Because I am fairly certain I won't be doing anything more with the moving boxes, I tossed them up too, and now I can officially mark this project as done.

We had wanted to make it so that the user could pick between keeping the fixtures and keeping everything, but I had trouble with getting that to work, so it's all still there, but hidden in debug mode if someone wants to help me finish it off the way she wanted it.