Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snap! She's Back!

Spring quarter just ended for my college and I'm off for the summer for now. I'm supposed to be started a new co-op job assignment on Monday, but with the economy the way it is, and the fact that it's summer quarter and that's when every other school ever has let loose their students to find employment, I'm currently out on my tush for now. It's ok, while I wanted to get a job, I'm determined to make the most of this summer. And, they still have until July 4th to get me placed yet, so there is still hope for that. In the meantime, I've been busily trying to get caught up on my sims stuff. I have a ton of half finished projects that I'm just trying to wrap up and get out to you, which is why suddenly I've got three uploads within a week of each other. They've all been on backlog, even I can't work that fast! In addition to that, I need to get an upload for June Fitness and mid July is my creator anniversary, and you know I always do something nice for that. For June Fitness, I'm thinking some new weight machines or something like Energy bars. For my creator anniversary I'm either going to finish out my Mid-Century set or I'll upload my newer St. Bestine's Cathedral if I haven't decided to upload that later this week.

I find having a Project list in my Journal is helpful for me to go back to look at:
Fix afSwimShorts fatmesh
Fix BunnyEars Flashing Blue
JobLevels in Portuguese

Shelving Set
Functionality to Book Stacks, Chalkboard, Toys
Stackable Chairs
Bauhaus Project
Stair Master no
Yoga Mat / Work Out Mat no
Honey Bees, Humming Birds
Morph Mesh Curtains

Afterschool Activities
Genetic Baby/Body Hair
Newspaper Pie Menu Edits - Puzzles, Want Ads, Comics
Health Food
Product Design Major
University Mods Set

Fence Tutorial
Corner Stairs Object
Smaller Driveways/garage doors
Clear Windows, Frosted, Broken, Empty, Mirrored
Glass Roofs not possible
Window Walls - attics