Friday, August 30, 2013

The New and the Old

I've been trying to follow the TS4 news, and I have to say, I'm cautiously hopeful. I'd really love to rejoin the current game sim community again and mod and create for TS4, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the base game play, UI, and graphics don't suck so horribly to keep me away. I'm still jealous of the gorgeous TS3 landscapes, but the pudding faces kept me away. I did find mods and what nots to try to fix it all, but it just wasn't enough in the end.

I'm feeling the pressure to finish up some of my TS2 projects. If I do make the switch, they will likely never get done. In addition to all the new projects that are listed up at the top, I have a number of older projects that I want to do updates for. I promised a Pet Coats tutorial and more Halloween Costumes for my trunk. SexySims versions of my correlated skins and my own ethnic correlated skin set are long overdue (may or may not be released, that who project got a lot of heat due to my poor presentation of it.) Updates to my Playground set, apparently it has trouble being used on comm lots and the slides are seriously broken with AL. I also wanted to add more windmills, fix the bugs in my Tiny Tike Dresser (as that set *is* my most downloaded thing, it's a little embarrassing for it to be so buggy now, freaking EPs breaking things.) And lastly add a witch family to my SciFi Families and flesh out my Fairytale 9-5s a bit more, at least put in the career outfits. I likely won't ever get around to doing the Teen/Elder version nor the Villain one.

So much to do still! Now that I've moved to an apt much closer to my work (regained a full hour thanks to a shorter commute) and I'm living on my own (and so making my own schedules) I hope to have more time once again to spend on sims. I do miss making things for the community. Keep your fingers crossed! :)