Friday, November 16, 2007

Fairytale Contest

I got started early with my idea, and then school knocked me back quite a bit. I'm starting to think I might not have enough time to finish my project. I need to make 52 outfits, I've got three done. About half of them require at least some mesh work. Then I've still got alot of other work and problem solving yet.

On the school front, the quarter is starting to come to a close, meaning all the teachers are trying to get in as many more projects as possible. For Monday I need to have 5 shaded geometric shapes, and 3 photos and at least 3 sketches of clay geometric shapes, which I have to redo, most of the class made them wrong, teacher was vague. Then there is also the Final Project to worry about. No idea what else is getting assigned between now and then. In my other class I have to get my saturation project mounted, do the optical project, redo the contrast project, and continue on the leaf project. Luckily the leaf project is also the Final project. Oh, and document everything in my journal. Ok, 2am? Time to go to bed!