Saturday, December 15, 2012

Playing Oprah: Giving Away Cars

So, it's not really a project per se, but I just spent some time going through all my families in Pleasantville and the surounding subs deleted ugly Yomoshoto cars and replacing them with awesome new cars I finally got around to downloading, choosing the right recolors, price fixing, and editing to show up in parking lots. After some careful math/research, I've concluded that to correctly price a sims car you need to take the price that car would be today (if it's an older car you find what the used price would be) and divide it by 3. This puts all the CC cars inline with the original ones and it keeps them on a relatively correct scale with each other. Likely the creator didn't bother with keeping things like comfort and fun in check, but all in all, that's not actually a problem for a car.

After I did my research on all the cars I had downloaded (26), some of which were harder to find, I edited their cost in simpe and tweaked the two values required to make them show up in parking lots. I decided that not all my new cars should be allowed to show up, mostly the fancier older ones, and I kept that in consideration while working. Then I tested it out, discovered I had a bug that prevented me from being able to go to comm lots, spent about half an hour tracking that down and nuking it, and finally I was able to send a delegation of sims to a community lot with parking spaces. Lo and behold, it was beautiful. All the sexy new cars I downloaded and what a pretty range of colors and shapes and styles. It was so real and wonderful looking I spent another half an hour just regenerating them and watching the pretty dance of cars in front of me. So happy! I'll do Strangetown and Desdirata later, I need sleep.

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