Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Making Medieval Veronaville: Post 5

It's been a while but I've done some more work in my Medieval Hood. I've added Nightlife to my game setup so I could use Hexameter's awesome vehicles. I also included Apartment Life because a)witches are SO medieval material and b)apartments make things pretty easy living arrangements for serf and gypsys. I created a terrain that is 'downstream' from Veronaville, my Fae Forest. I plan to move Tatiana and Oberonthere after Puck is old enough to marry his sweetheart. They will leave him their estate and go back to the forest. Tatiana and Oberon will remain engaged but never marry. From what I remember of the play they were lovers that enjoyed toying with each other, so I think it will work out nicely having them live on separate lots. Tatiana will gather herself faery servants and Oberon will take up with the satyrs. I haven't decided what to do with Bottom yet, maybe she will stay in the house, maybe move in with Tatiana.

The rest of the Forest will be inhabited with other creatures. I'm going to introduce satyrs, plantsims, elves, witches, and trolls. On the other side of the river will be a small town with a gypsy camp and a Midwife (good witch!). High up above the town I'll be raising a few vampires to add to the Fear of the Forest. I'm having fun with this sub-hood.

My three MacBeth witches are named Hecate, Graymalkin, and Paddock. I realize those aren't the real names, but Shakespeare didn't give his three witches names. These are the closest things to it. I believe they were their pet's names. Their lovely green skintone is of my doing. They are wearing many of Sherahbim's gorgeous dresses. My troll, Gruff, is living under a bridge. I've used Mootilda's LotAdjuster program to let him have both sides of his bridge. I'm not entirely happy with how I have his lot set up, so I might be doing more work with that, but he is definitely a part of my hood now.