Thursday, April 22, 2010

West Weasles get Bunnied!

I'm so happy about this Feature! I absolutely love this neighborhood and I took my time (about a year!) making it picture perfect.

The quaint little town of West Weasels is a perfect place to slow down. Everyone here is friendly, and while some of them have quirks, no one minds.
From the download text:
West Weasels is a quaint and cozy little town. I wanted to make it as extra cutesy as possible without going overboard. This fairytale neighborhood was originally intended as a home for all our supernatural sims to live in harmony together. I see it as a fun place for them to live and to come back to after their work day as storybook creatures is over. I see them as actors of sorts. Like the old Looney Toons where the wolf and the sheep dog chase each other on the clock, but when they punch out they are friends, or like the Disney movie Halloweentown, lots of monsters and creatures all living together like no one is different or strange. Then again, this is just how I see it for my game; I purposely left the town vanilla enough for everyone to make up their own story to go with it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

List of projects I want to -eventually maybe- get around to..

Ok, so its been almost a year since my last journal entry, that's probably too long. In my defense I haven't been able to do much with Sims for a while. I've been busy with school and co-op (internship). I've just started another quarter at school. I've got a very light credit load this quarter so maybe I'll find time to do more projects for you all. Lately though I've just been playing. Alexander Goth is about to get married, he has the entire town in a buzz about it.

I've had this list sticky noted to my desktop for the better part of two years now and I'm tired of staring at it.

Sharpen Teen Undies
Service Pack 2
Toddler Ducky Swimsuits
tf Boyshort Suits
TShirt and Socks PJs af tf

Shelving Set
Functionality to Book Stacks, Chalkboard, Toys
Window Mirrors
Hanging Verticle Holiday Mall Lights no
Stackable Chairs
Update Buy Catalog (include accessories)
Bauhaus Project
Windmills: original, lattice, pinwheel, large dutch sails, large spanish sails, water wheel, farm, gears
Phone book

Custom Window Walls, normal and attic
Basement Walls
Corner Stairs Object
Smaller Driveways/garage doors
Clear Windows, Frosted, Broken, Empty, Mirrored

If anyone sees anything that looks interesting ask me about it, if you want to see it done, let me know. I might pick the project back up for you.