Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Working with Mootilda

Mootilda recently uploaded something to do with Inge's Stay Things Shrub and she mentioned that she was working on redoing it all together. I PMed her about it, saying that I had an interest in the project too and we've gone joint on it since. Since it isn't that big of a project I don't think there will be a modding group out of it - most of the work on the shrub is hers, so I suggested she upload it when she gets it done.

Today I finally had a few spare moments and was mildly paranoid that she would upload it without me finishing the part I wanted included, so I edited the borrowed mesh, created a new texture for it, and remapped it. I love making simlish signs that you can still read. I really need to create my own Simlish font that has the characters on the correct keys already. It takes forever to match them!

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