Friday, April 11, 2014

Smallhouse Models - A New Dollhouse Furniture Business

So, it's been a while since I've visited my poor little simmies, but I have a half decent reason for it. I'm working on starting up a new business designing and creating contemporary dollhouse furniture! Current dollhouse furniture is by and small, Victorian, colonial, and the occasional 50s-70s pieces. I can't be alone in having no interest in these styles. I'd much rather have doll furniture similar to the real furniture that is popular now, you know, IKEA, mid-century modern, stuff from Target?

Right now I need your help simply to spread the word about this. I need more Likes on my Facebook Page for Smallhouse Models. You can follow along with my progress there.

I plan on running a Kickstarter in June and I really *really* need help getting the word out about it. I'm going to need about 250 backers or it's just not going to work. I realize doll furniture is a bit of a niche market, so I'm going to include rewards other than just the doll furniture I'm designing. I want to do photoshoots of my pieces and set them up as little 'I, Spy' rooms. These images will be made into postcards, greeting cards, and a calendar. I'll also be offering opportunities to design your own pieces.

Now, here's the exciting part for you simmers. I'm going to be making Sim 2 versions of all of my pieces and hope to release them during my Kickstarter on MTS as part of awareness and advertising. For anyone who backs a Design It Yourself reward, I'll be just as willing to make you a sim version instead of a real dollhouse furniture piece (or both).

Please Like my Facebook Page, Smallhouse Models. Please share it with anyone you know who is interested in dollhouses, enjoys backing Kickstarters, or would like a personal, custom Phae creation.