Sunday, March 16, 2014

Keep on keeping on.

So I've been having some trouble keeping up with the deadlines for karen's contest, but I don't want to put aside on my uni hood just yet. I'm hopeful that I'll be done with this hood in time for my Creator Anniversary, but if you've been paying attention the last couple of years, that project almost always switches ideas at least 6 times before I finally post something. We shall see. I like the idea of doing a college for my 7 year anniversary, because it took me 7 years to graduate college. I'm also pretty busy doing designs for dollhouse furniture. I plan on having a Kickstarter for that in June, again, assuming I can keep up with it all. Lotta work goes into designing an entire house worth of furniture, regardless of scale. :P

Anyways, one of karen's venue options (I do love these, it got me thinking about all the flavor that is at a university) was a fountain. My hometown Purdue has some fantastic fountains that I've played in at least half the summers of my life. I wanted to see if I could create the Engineering Fountain, and I think I did a half decent job of it!

And here's a view of the state of my hood now. You can see the newly added UOA frat house from the application round, YamYad Bar from round 1, and the Fitness Park from the second round. Additionally, I've created Burnet Woods and I'm in the process of constructing Slayter Hill Amphitheater. My Uni is a complete mash up between Purdue and U.Cinci. How could I not? They were *my* universities! Make what you know! :)