Friday, October 26, 2012

Pleasantview Contest

I've tabled my other projects for now but I'm glad there is so much interest in my College Collection project. Once I have the time I will pick that one back up again. I'm also working on the contest entries for jones' contest. I did the business guy for my first house, and I'm doing the flower lady for my second. It seems to be what everyone else is doing, but I'm trying to put my own takes on them both. Steve went for a really retro look and I chose to loose points by opening up his bedroom. Take a tour!

Rose(mary) Gardner just has to be the younger sister to Marigold Gardner, thus making her a plantsim. Building a plantsim friendly house while still having everything the judges are going to want is proving difficult, but fun. My version will be vastly different from the other Rose's houses. Go check out the rest of the house!

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