Monday, October 29, 2012

Corner Deco Stairs

I've been putting off doing this post for a while cuz it's dead simple, the project has nothing two it, but yet its a bunch of sucky busy work. Getting the meshes to line up and be low poly is just a nightmare. See the nice inside corner stairs in the center of the picture? Basically I want to do the opposite, make an outside corner. I'd also need to add a bunch of slots, that's not that hard either, it's been done for stairs. The tricky thing I was working on was figuring out a way of making the object a slave to multiple master stairs. A good number of the stairs actually all use the same mesh, not just the cheap brown and green ones, but others share as well. I think there might be a way of doing it because a few times when I've cloned an object but haven't Fixed Integrity or something, it will pick up my new recolors in addition to the original object's colors. There might be something to that. The reason I need to worry about that is because there have been multiple stairs made recolorable, and I want to be able to accommodate that with as little catalog cluttering as possible.


  1. I know it has to be very difficult, but If you can, create them, I (and many) would be very happy...It should be something EA should think about themselves...
    But they have created so much all ready, so they leave it up to the creators, like you.
    I wish I could do this...
    As am leaving you now, just a big compliment to your work... =)...Keep it up and let us, players, have more fun in game, with all of your creations...
    Have a nice day...TheUnicorn (Sandra)

  2. Modular Stair Corners by DremeMynd on Mod The Sims