Monday, October 29, 2012

Morph Mesh Curtains

So, I've had this idea for a while and I just never bothered to get started on it and do anything with it because its such a low priority, even though I think its cool. Some objects can have morph meshes, like the swingset and some cushy chairs. They adjust to the shape of a sim's butt visually. What's actually happening is that a second mesh group with exactly the same polys just in different places is taking over when the sim starts to interact with it. I figure this could be applied to curtains, particularly the maxis ones (cuz if it isn't maxis match it tends to have a limited life expectancy in my downloads folder.) The normal mesh would be the default open state of course, but then I could add in the 'closed' version of the curtains. Sims could walk up to the curtains and open and close them, like Atavera did with the BG windows early on. The patterns would straighten out and it would just look very natural - in theory, keep in mind, I've done no poking around yet to see how possible this even is. I think it could work, the painful parts being making straight versions of squished up meshes (likely just have to remesh everything and make custom drapes instead, and then making straight texture versions of all the existing maxis recolors. And then it would break every other recolor as well. Maybe these shouldn't be defaults after all...

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