Friday, July 19, 2013

6 Years Creating for Sims

Today marks my 6 year Creator Anniversary, and as always, I've uploaded something special. This is also my 160th upload. Some of my favorite things to mod in TS2, are bodyshop stuff, so it was a fun project to work out custom pet markings. For some strange reason, that was never figured out. The reason I chose to tackle this project (instead of my other much larger secret project) was that on July 3, my dear Bootsie Cat died. She'd been sick with stomach cancer for a long time, and it was finally time for her to go.

My favorite part of my sim version of her is either the custom eyeliner marking I made just for her, or the very subtle changes in the grey color of her coat. While she is mostly a solid grey cat, there are tons of layers in there to change the grey from lighter by her tummy to darker on her back to even darker on her tail. The white tip on her tail is another custom marking. See the full post with more pictures here!

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