Thursday, July 25, 2013

Age and Time Syncing my Hood

So I've been recently wanting to actually play my game lately, and I realized that my hood is seriously out of time sync with itself. Cassandra Goth is older than Nina, Dina, and Don. Alexander Goth is nearly their ages. Some of my CAS families have gotten out of sync with their adult siblings, and somehow Skip Broke is now older than Beau. I went through my entire hood, Uni, Downtown, and Subs (Belladonna is my business district), and wrote down all the families and how old everyone was and tried to figure out how old everyone should be instead. I'm now playing Nina, Dina, and Don to catch them up, as they were the worst offenders, and then I'll be working on catching up the rest of the smaller anachronisms. (fun word, but rarely useable) After that I'm planning on resetting all the seasons and days of the week for everyone and see if I can't get some sorta semblance of real time going on. I had this in mind when I was recreating my Calendar, and included these options in it's debug menu. I'm not sure yet if I want to play in rotation, a week at each house, or play by who is supposed to have the next birthday. That sounds more fun personally, but it also means that my elders will get flat out neglected. (like they aren't already!)

On the subject of never playing my elders, I've come up with an interesting retirement home idea. I've tried to make one once before but didn't really have much success with it because of the limits of the number of sims you can have in a family. I've seen retirement homes get done with the Uni Myne Doors, which is very helpful, and I've seen them get done as apartments, but that still only gives you a small number of old folks to be plodding around the facility, not like real ones at all. Then it dawned on me to combine them. Using the Myne doors and apartments as 'wings', you could have 32 sims living on the lot, each with their own room! Now that's closer to a full house! Some lower end machines would likely through a fit over it, but I don't have a lower end machine, so this could be fun. The only other problem is that sims tend to stay hidden in their apartments, but Inge has Apartment Indicator Pictures that force sims out of their apartments, so this sounds like a plan now!


  1. Eek. I use Pescado's lot timer to keep all mine in sync, and have done since I started the 'hood - starting with a bunch of out of whack simmies and catching them up sounds like a huge pain in the arse. I admire your determination. :P

    I think I'd get bored playing by birthdays. I have quite a lot of families which consist just of adults, and playing even half an adult lifespan in one 'rotation' would take a hell of a long time - I like shorter rotations since they stop me getting into a rut with any one sim.

  2. Well, it's not too terribly out of whack, my hood never really went very far into the future and I never exclusively played a single family, so everyone is relatively where they should be. It shouldn't take much to get it all back in order. I made a spreadsheet of it.

    The darker the orange around the family name the worse I need to play them to get back into sync. The worst offender is just a bit over 2 weeks. I've already made plenty of progress catching Nina, Dina, and Don up. They are finally living their lives!

    As for birthdays or a strict order, I think I'll prolly use the birthdays to set up the order. I've got tons of kids in my hood, so it's unlikely that I'd have to wait too long to play out an adult's birthday, but there are a few of them like that.