Thursday, January 3, 2013

Painting Recolors

While going through my catalog and cleaning out CC I don't want I had the idea to combine a lot of the Maxis paintings that are basically recolors of themselves, the the A, B, and C Stroke paintings, just like Gwenke did with the kid paintings. The timing of HugeLunatic's IKEA Lost and Found Paintings was perfect. I'm totally in love with that zebra painting and I wanted to have more recolors of camoflage/closeup animals on it, but it wasn't originally recolorable and I tried to enable it and I failed. So I asked her if she would make a few of the others recolorable for me and she did. It is too perfect.

I went through the entire painting catalog and wrote down every single painting by EP and what kinds of recolors they should have. If the painting already had 3 color options I skipped over it, and as for what kinds of recolors should be made, I actually read all the names and descriptions. This will be a huge project, but I think in the end it will be fantastic and well worth it.

Here's my spreadsheet.

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