Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dynamic Skies

I was reading a book today and it mentioned an innovative installation art product called Personal Skies. I've been thinking about the lovely Sky Objects available for the game (lot version & recolor, hood version & recolor). I've played with a couple of them and while I love the added richness of the details, they tend to look weird at night. They also look a little weird when the clouds NEVER move or change. I've been long on a mission to have more things change by themselves in my game, having everything being static for generations is seriously strange.

Simply Gorgeous "Veronaville View" image by nimi4

This got me thinking about one of my recent projects, my calendar. It updates itself every day, and knows what season it is. We also have animated textures available to us. What if all of this were combined to create a dynamic sky? The sky object would know when sunrise and sunset are to happen and would provide a gorgeous sky show for it (that actually moves) and then during the day could have clouds slowly traversing the sky overhead. The object would also need to be programmed to recognize weather and adjust accordingly. Maybe it could even try into the weather forecast from the TV (something I've pretty much ignored entirely). If it's raining, I want to see a dark sky with rain clouds. I want to see grey skies in winter and detailed stars at night. This is going to be a seriously texture heavy project, but I think it will be worth it in the end.


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  3. I would love you forever and ever if you made something like this!