Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cycle 2 of ‘Renovating the Base Hoods’ Contest

Jones has posted the second cycle of her Home Makeover Contests. This time we are in Veronaville. Unfortunately, for anyone hearing about this for the first time from me (seriously?), I just barely squeaked in and filled the 20th and last spot in the contest. As some of you may be aware, Veronaville is my medieval hood, so instead of following everyone else and creating lovely contemporary houses like I did in the last cycle, I’ll be doing my best to rework them into lovely little Shakespearean cottages. I’m excited and a little nervous about a few things. The main challenge will be of course to satisfy the families’ requirements that are part of the contest. One family in particular enjoys the beach, I’m not quite sure how to translate that into old-timey decor yet. The second challenge is going to be not reusing all the same CC over and over again. I’ll have to do some more hunting for quality items. The quality with the medieval CC I’ve seen is usually hit or miss. It’s either fantastically well made, or the textures look like something ripped out of a poorly scanned-in magazine page from the 80s. The final bit I’m nervous about is what the judges are going to do with my houses. There are rules about things, and I think not having an indoor bathroom might be something they’d dock points for. If anyone has some links to good medieval CC, put the link in a comment please!

I’ve had a bit of trouble with my Veronaville in the past, and I thought I hadn’t gotten that straightened out yet, but after creating the application house, I went and looked and I have indeed fixed my issues. When trying to delete townies, I managed to delete the entire Monty ancestry! How are the Capps and Montys supposed to have a blood feud if the Montys family line starts with Romeo? As it turns out, I have already dealt with that issue. It appears I did a full restart on the hood (I never got that far anyways). I did lose my Fae Forest subhood of witches and vampires, gypsies, and trolls in the process, but they are easy enough to remake. I also lost all of my peasants and serfs, but again, I hadn’t really played them yet, so no loss there.

The most interesting thing I’ve done so far is with the Summerdream family. I’ve edited their genetics to have Enayla’s fantasy skins incorporated to the normal skin range (1-2, past the normal 0-1) so that when Hermia and Puck get together, they will have spritely children. Puck is also now (as he should be) a satyr. I also looked up the name references to the largest Capp family, and discovered that little baby Ariel doesn’t really belong. Everyone is some normal human reference and she is a wind demon or something. I’ve created the back story (and edited the relationships and memories) that she is the child of Tatiana and her regular father, and when she was dropped off at his house, his wife could not tolerate the proof of his indiscretion. He claims he had no part in it, that the Queen of the Faes came to him in a dream. Not wanting to make further waves in the family, he sent his spirited daughter to live with her mother in the forest.

I’ve also got some interesting ideas about butlers, maids, servos, and the rest of the support staff, and finally a fix idea for allowance and land use tax. That will likely be in another post though when I get it figured out further.

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