Monday, November 26, 2012

Uni Buildings are Going Up

In attempts to get out of the mini-depression my failing nano has caused, I've gone back to my Uni hood. I've finished off all of the parking lots because they are simple, and I've constructed the baseball stadium. I haven't furnished it yet, but I'm pretty happy with the structure. I had already also completed and fully furnished my English Department. I've made a fire station, but I don't really like how it looks so I think I might start that one over. I constructed one of the professor's houses and I have 2 of the 3 dorms done. I had the third one done, but I lost it while messing with my AnyGames. It was pretty sweet, so I'll likely rebuild it just as it was if I can.

I'm having trouble with some of the more specialized buildings, the ones where I know I'll be making a more EPs better version. To do those, I think I'll need to make the better one first, and the copy it down into my base hood. That way I won't have to move walls to include activities I didn't have the objects for. It's looking like that's what I need to do for Performing Arts, Design, Basketball Stadium, Soccer Stadium, and Co-Rec. I think those all need FT.

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