Sunday, September 16, 2012

UNI and IKEA Dorm

Ok, I am more than happy that something has finally beaten Afterschool Activities in my poll. Particularity one I want to work on at the moment. After spending nearly all day yesterday in shock from the new of my promotion to Super Moderator, I eventually managed to do something useful. One of the things on my list was to build a dorm that actually seemed to look like a real dorm. I created one and based its shape and dorm rooms off a dorm at my school. I still need to do some final tweaks to it and test it to make sure everything is accessible, but I'm already much happier with this one than any of the Maxis dorms. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

After testing I've discovered there is a bug in the IKEA desk. Its got problems with college assignments. I also discovered that while I'd hoped to be able to use the minifridge and microwave and a useable counter OMSP to create the effect, something is making the microwaves disappear. I'd heard of that issue with the controller, so maybe another test without it is in order, but I prolly should just add another counter slot to the minifridge. I also need to see if a table is a better idea than a desk so that sims can eat meals that they cook in their own rooms in their own rooms.

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