Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Making Medieval Veronaville: Post 4

I've added Peasants! I originally was only going to add 3 serf families and a carpenter, but one of my serf families turned out to be perfect as tailors. The first family pictured is the Haysons, mom Hadriana and son Anton. Dad tragically died in a plague of flies as did all of the other relatives in all the families, no 'mystery sim' business for me! Next is the Barley's, grandad Jessup, mom Kadith, dad Eamon, son Caemon, daughter Kaea. The middle family is the Wheatly's, grandad Cliff, dad John, and son Paul. The next family was the one that shouted seamstress to me, so the Webbers are sisters, Evelyn and her daughter Selina, and Audrey and her teen daughter Ava and son Teagan. The last picture is hottie Matteo Woods, my carpenter. To create these sims I first did some random number generating to determine how many were in the family, their genders, their ages, their aspirations, and their zodiac sign. Then following those numbers I hit the random sim button in CAS until I had a half-decent looking sim. For the children I hit the Pacifier. I want genetically correct sims dag-nabbit! Also, PLEASE don't ask me where I got stuff, almost everything I pick up I got from MTS2. Do a bit of searching here and I'm sure you will find it too.

Now, for the interesting part about these families. I have only 3 women of childbearing age, and 2 of them are ROMANCE! Kadith is Romance and her husband is Family, and the other lady is Audrey. Grandad Cliffe Wheatly is also Romance and so is Kadith's teenage son Caemon. And of course Romeo is also Romance. I've never had so many of this aspiration to deal with! I haven't even opened up the brothel yet! GAH! I hope Eamon dies of the plague soon so Kadith can be the town Lady. Everyone who walks past her seems to think she is hott.

The Montys have bought and started up the Farm. So far we have planted a lot of tomatoes. Thanks to a still-in-testing mod Patrizio was able to stay all day at the Farm and when I was done playing him there, I returned home, played the rest of the family and he came home at the time he left the farm. Community Time is kinda sweet.

Back to the technical stuff. I've downloaded Risky Woohoo and Hide Try for Baby to simulate the lack of birth control. : thinks about all those Romance sims, shudders : And I have been given permission from the original creator of the country roads mod to upload my version so when I get the terrain paint that matches done you can expect that from me. I have not had too much luck getting the UI edit to work correctly, I have gotten it to work if your AnyGame happens to not be in US English, but thats not really what I was going for. I don't have much more for you because I went camping (medieval style!) over the weekend so I wasn't simming. Yes, I'm a geek and I'm in the SCA, but if you think its fun to play medieval sims, its way more fun to play medieval yourself!

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