Thursday, May 8, 2008

Making Medieval Veronaville: Post 3

I finished making over the families and the picture above is what they look like now. It took me a long time but I finally finished townifying all the custom clothes I downloaded (a LOT). I decided to only townify clothes that are fit for peasants or low-class merchants. I plan on having my higher class citizens go to the town tailor to have their clothes made. I've also divvied up all the money for each of the families so they all have their own manors and have around 5,000 left over to furnish their manors. I'm planning on having a carpenter be one of my first CAS sims to move in. They will be the only ones allowed to buy from the catalog. I also plan on seeing if I can make a mod that will force furniture to break once it reaches it's depreciation level. That is the one main reason furniture stores fail, our sims are perfectly content to use the same furniture for generations, nothing ever gets too old, outdated, or broken.

I have also finished making up a farm for the Monty's to run. The 'Old Farm Ruins' I think it is called starts out as a residential lot, but I'm going to change it into a community lot and have the Monty's own it and run it as a farm. I plan on rolling for random sims to be my first 3 serf families. Depending on what I roll will determine if I move them all into one lot or not, but I think I need them to be separate so when they move in there will be enough money to pay to the Montys (for the land) to buy that farm.

I also want to move in a midwife soon, but I don't think I will need that till someone gets sick or has a baby. Speaking of that, I need to look into a deadlier diseases mod (fixed version by piopiou on page 3), health care and preventative medicine were almost unheard of back then. I also want to mod the time for each age, I don't want my elders living to be a billion years old, life expectancy wasn't that high either. Though I'll let the midwife and any Man of Science be as old as dirt because they obviously have discovered the secret to life, or at least good hygiene. I want to go slowly starting out so I don't mess things up, but I don't know how quickly I should add families in to keep the town growing. I also have no idea when I want to start adding in more 'creatures' but I think perhaps when Oberon and Titania move back to the forest would be a good time to have some of their subjects join them. Its kinda scary (I'm one of those who likes to have EVERYTHING planned out) but I think I'm just going to have to jump in and play it by ear!

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