Thursday, August 9, 2007

milkshape....very spiteful program indeed

Ok, so I've figured out the basics of editing an existing mesh, and I ran with it. Good, cool, peachy keen. Then I run into this problem. I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME make the face look halfway decent, or even human for that matter. Everything else is working out beautifully, but it won't mean crap if I can't get the face to look right because thats always the most looked at and important part of anything. Case in point, no one would download a sim with a gorgous body but an ugly face. Just ain't happening. I'm thinking there are similar quality standards for statues with faces too. ARG!

ok, thanks for rant, back to task

-Later (saturday, 1:45am)

Ok, I've figured out the program, and I stole meshes from other maxis objects to make the face. Now it looks KICK A$$. I was really confused with the UVmap, but I eventually stuck with it and figured it all out. It looks decent enough now, atleast for my first ever mesh. However, bad news, SimPE states the face count at 'way too many' that can't be good. I loaded up my game and (though not in play mode) looked around at it and such, it didn't seem to slow my game down, and I sim on a laptop. Granted, its a good laptop bought for doing design work (hey thats like meshing and viewing in game!) but its still a laptop and my video card isn't as fastasmic as I'd like it to be. Anyway, this means I'm almost done with my contest entry! You'll see it soon, I promise!

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