Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hacks You'd Like to See Thread

I've been following the Hacks You'd Like to See thread, and its chock full of great little mods. Many are doable, but some are more blue sky. I went through and collected all the ones that interested me, even if they weren't immediately achievable, and put them into a working document. I sorted it by categories and saw some common themes emerging. While a large number of them are things that I will never get around to even trying, some of them are short and simple enough that I could bust them out if I had a few spare minutes and remembered about them.

Here's my larger document:

And the shorter list for projects I might want to tackle are:

Taking off Work (without having to fake being sick, and also maybe for longer to raise kids)
Baby Showers (pregger ladies can't go anywhere anyways, bring her friends to her)
Beach Activities Season Restrictions (thank you MSD!)
Cintique for doing art on comp
Different height foundations and stages to make split staircases (1/2 and 3/4)
Non-romantic classic dance (for weddings and such)
Supernatural Wants and Fears (lauratje86 was working on it with me, but I think she hit a snag)
Mental Illness & Disease (look for another post on that subject later)
More and Random Deaths (look for another post on that subject later)

If you read the whole thing you will see some other topics I've already expressed an interest in working on, like smaller driveways and a better sky. I copied the info down because its always helpful to have more than one perspective.


  1. I love your list Phae! I've been reading the longer version (and I see I crop up on it quite a few times - clearly I'm rather demanding!) and it's really interesting to see a summary of things that people would like to have added to their games.

    I am still working on the Supernatural Wants & Fears thing but it's sort of stalled - for some of the supernaturals I can hardly find any related wants/fears and I don't know if it's because there somehow aren't any, or because they're listed somewhere else or just because I've missed them as my eyeballs went weird. I'll have another look at it next weekend and see if I can make any progress :-)

    I would love you forever if you could make a non-romantic version of the classic dance, by the way..... :-)

  2. Aw, it's not that you are demanding, it's that you have a ton of really great ideas! I'm super swamped with everything sim-wise right now, but I do hope to get back to this list sometime before TS4 comes out!