Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Hosting A Contest!

I'm really excited to get this contest rolling! I've wanted to do this for a while now, but school keeps me busy.

The idea here is to make a Sim Scrapbook. Contestants will create a family within the guidelines and then take photos of them at 5 specific Life Events and scrapbook it all together as their entries.

Judge a Book by its Cover: For the application stage, you need to prove you can take a decent photo and do some basic image manipulation. You will be submitting a ‘scrapbook cover’. Place a photo of your two starter sims, and some words along the lines of ‘Our Family Memories’. Make it look nice, as it will be setting the tone for the rest of your pages. Keep in mind things like image borders, word plaques, and nice fonts. You will not receive a score for this page, but it will be judged on whether you are qualified for this contest based on the same things as the rest of the pages. Contestants should start with 2 unmarried sweetheart sims. This contest will create for them a scrapbook of their future family. They will, in the course of the contest, have at least one child. You must use the same family the entire time, but not every family member needs to be in every photo or page spread. Grandparents might be handy to have, but are not required. You may use one of your preexisting families that you’ve been taking hundreds of photos for your legacys or whatnots.

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