Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today is my bday! Yay! I am now 24. It's getting to that age where its hard to tell people I play the sims, but I'm not gonna stop. Earlier this week I went home and had a small family party with just my dad (sibs and mom were out of town). I got to pick my favorite cake, one of those frozen Pepperidge Farm Coconut cakes. Dad gave me a sweet 1TB external hard drive, Mom gave me a puzzle with art from one of my favorite artists, and my sisters joined together to get me Sims Medieval. I tried playing it already, but I think lappy needs more RAM before it can run it well. Oh well, it was on my purchase list anyways. The game is very different from TS2 (still think 3 can suck it) so I don't know how much I'll actually enjoy it when I can run it well. I haven't given up on my Medieval Veronaville, I think that's still more fun for me, but I'll build it better from what I learn in this new game. Anyways, Happy Birthday to me!

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