Sunday, June 28, 2009

Choose My Next Upload!

School is out and I'm cleaning out my closet, er, laptop. I'm finding all these great half finished projects in addition to my current half finished projects. I figured I'd post a picture of the progress on them and let you decide which ones I try darn hard to actually finish.

Animated Windmills - I need this project finished for my Redneck Mansion project, but I don't have to have it as extensively finished as I had planned. These windmills are animated (the blades turn depending on the amount of wind in game) Other than that, they are decorative. I believe I did get them to be basegame.

Redneck Mansion - This lot is to be an exact replica of the really cool online picture by the same name. (Try googling it) I have one major issue left with it, but I think I might have a work around for it now. That and getting a proper windmill to sit atop the left most trailer's roof. Requires Pets Only.

Random Finished Houses/Lots - Throughout all my games I have many different lots that are randomly built and furnished. Some I had intended to upload, others I just liked and then thought it might be nice to share. I've got quite a few of them (at least five off the top of my head) but I can't promise they've been created in minimal EP environments though.

West Weasels Neighborhood - I have been wanting to create a full hood for some time now. My ex and I were out driving trying to find a road when he exclaimed "how the f*ck can you even see those street signs, it could be f*cking West Weasels for all I know." Right then and there I knew I had to make a hood called West Weasels. The idea behind it is that this is the town were all the Fairytale creatures come home from work to hang out and relax. Particularly the 'bad' ones. They aren't bad creatures, its just their day job. Most of the buildings are storybook cottages, slight victorian architecture, or otherwise small rural home town feel. I've only got a couple of lots left two do, but they are the big ones. Two of the houses pictured are still unfurnished. I dread taking the pictures and uploading the darn thing.

Decorative Birdhouses - nothing much special here, they are just cute as all get out. Canoodle mentioned a want for decorative birdhouse and I got right on it. Unfortunately most of the meshes of these are done in such a terrible why I couldn't apply a patterned texture to them at all. They have to be remeshed.

Floor Overlays - #create, mostly Leesester, requested to have floor overlays similar to Pixelhate's wall overlays. Then we could have dirty floors, leaves, ants marching, footprints, drains, gutters, and all manner of things. I got together with Pix and he did some fantastic textures for my simple mesh. I need to make up a couple more meshes and then redo most of my textures (we changed the mesh and mine sucked to begin with, Pix's are amazing.)

So, those are the most current dropped by the wayside projects. Let me know what interests you the most and maybe a change of pace will get me to finish something.

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