Friday, December 7, 2007

Contest Entry (what else do I blog about?)

So yeah, contest entry. Sweet action Tire Swing. This is the first time you get spoilers, meh. Echo and Tig have been LOADs of help, Echo made the original package, and helped me with some of the beginning stuff, and Tig helped with the animation, thats right, 'Tiggerypum-Animation'. It took us far too long to realize that yes, it won't move if its not assigned to bones... I was hoping to be able to create brand spanking new custom animations for it, cuz right now they just kinda melt into and out of the tire when they want to get in or out, but from a rather lengthy explanation by Wes_h, its not looking so good, but I'm still gonna try!

I'm hungry,...brb sandwhich.

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